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At Training Express, we deal with a wide range of health and safety topics. These training encompasses on trending and universal subjects, especially compliance certification requirements. Our primary focus is excellent compliance training on food hygiene, health & safety. In addition, we also cover safeguarding, first aid and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP).  Training Express blog is the awareness wing of Training Express. The blog section of Training Express aims at guiding you towards quality accredited certification. In short, you are taking your initial steps towards personal and workplace safety skills in the UK.

Recently, we introduced courses on personal development, business skills and management. Firstly, the purpose is to accommodate the requirements of our trainees. Secondly, we also introduced courses on health and social care. Hence, we want to exhibit our commitment to the health and wellbeing of children, and vulnerable adults. Moreover, all of our courses are designed with special attention to the guidelines of NHS and HSE.

Accredited compliance certification

Our aim is to guide you towards compliance training requirements and basic life skills. Our motto is Reliable Audio-visual Training. Here, the rationale behind our motto is to train the skilled workforce in the United Kingdom. In short, Training Express blog contributes to a safer and healthier nation.

Training Express Blog: Latest Posts

We featured the latest posts from the blog articles of Training Express on this page.

13 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Struggling to give a presentation? Overcome your fear by reading this blog and learn 13 ways to improve your presentation skills today.

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How To Reopen A Closed Business After COVID-19

Feb 5,21

Go through this blog to know the rules and regulations to reopen a closed business after COVID-19! Know how to reopen a closed business.

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Autism in women: Understanding and Awareness

Feb 3,21

This blog displays the in-depth knowledge of autism in women and raises awareness towards it. Read to know more about autism in women.

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How To Understand Body Language : Know The Secrets

Feb 2,21

Having a hard time solving the riddle of body language? Discover the secrets of Body Language in communication from this blog.

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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Feb 1,21

Learn to Improve Emotional intelligence in the workplace to maintain a positive attitude towards work for achieving maximum success.

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Types of food contamination: Learn how food contamination occurs

Jan 29,21

Learn everything you need to know about food contamination, what are the types of food contamination and how it occurs. Read this blog now.

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Diversity in Health & Social Care: Learn How to Promote

Jan 29,21

Learn the significance and necessity of ensuring Diversity in Health & Social Care services. Get the maximum output. Read this blog today!

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Are You Aware of These 6 common Workplace Hazards?

Jan 29,21

The blog will upgrade your rapport on the common workplace hazards and teach you how to stay safe from the mentioned hazards. Learn it today!

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What is physical contamination in food and how to prevent it?

Jan 29,21

Managing physical contamination in food is a nightmare. Find out how to wake up from it to safe hygienic food. Learn it from this blog today!

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Ultimate Guide to Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

During emergencies, most people often panic. So having a personal emergency evacuation plan ensures your safety. Read to learn more now!

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