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At Training Express, we deal with a wide range of health and safety topics. These training encompasses on trending and universal subjects, especially compliance certification requirements. Our primary focus is excellent compliance training on food hygiene, health & safety. In addition, we also cover safeguarding, first aid and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP).  Training Express blog is the awareness wing of Training Express. The blog section of Training Express aims at guiding you towards quality accredited certification. In short, you are taking your initial steps towards personal and workplace safety skills in the UK.

Recently, we introduced courses on personal development, business skills and management. Firstly, the purpose is to accommodate the requirements of our trainees. Secondly, we also introduced courses on health and social care. Hence, we want to exhibit our commitment to the health and wellbeing of children, and vulnerable adults. Moreover, all of our courses are designed with special attention to the guidelines of NHS and HSE.

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Our aim is to guide you towards compliance training requirements and basic life skills. Our motto is Reliable Audio-visual Training. Here, the rationale behind our motto is to train the skilled workforce in the United Kingdom. In short, Training Express blog contributes to a safer and healthier nation.

Training Express Blog: Latest Posts

We featured the latest posts from the blog articles of Training Express on this page.

Asbestos Awareness: 7 Asbestos Facts You Need to Know

Asbestos is one of the top ten natural killing agents in the world. There are 125 million people in the world currently exposed to asbestos-related products. In 2004, asbestos caused 107,000 deaths . The UK has flagged ‘Asbestos facts’ as the highest workplace killer. These seven asbestos facts will help you get an understanding of the key facts about asbestos.   …

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Why is Asbestos Awareness So Important?

Asbestos isn’t a new thing. It has quite a long history. People have been using asbestos in construction work since the beginning of industrialisation. As asbestos was being used rapidly in construction works, the complications and health issues regarding asbestos exposure were discovered eventually. And we came to know how asbestos is dangerous to our health with the potential of …

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8 Tips To Properly Wash Fruit And Vegetable Produce Before Consumption

Washing fruits and vegetables is very important for food safety. So, you might be looking for some effective tips to properly wash fruit and vegetable. In this article, I’ll walk you through the effective ways that would help you wash your fruits and vegetables properly and keep them fresh. But before you jump into the tips, you should know why …

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Food Hygiene Rules and Guidance For Retail

Aug 12,20

Food business or running a restaurant is a profitable venture nowadays. With food comes hygiene. Specially in the UK, you have to maintain government food hygiene rules and food safety rules. You as a retailer may face punishment if you do not abide by these rules. So food hygiene facts and food safety guidelines are necessary to know. These regulations …

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Introduction to the Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety

Aug 11,20

We live by principles. From sunshine to bedtime, everyone lives by rules. But health is our first priority and food is an inevitable raw material to live. But don’t get used to anything that names itself as food. According to WHO, Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety starts from production and ends in consumption. Anywhere in between, you may end …

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10 Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

The sign of development is structural construction. In the UK, around 3 millions people are engaged in construction related jobs (10% of population) both in manufacturing and service. According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, this industry consists of  the following elements Contracting, 2,030,000 jobs, 234,000 businesses. Contracting, 2,030,000 jobs, 234,000 businesses. Products, 310,000 jobs, 18,000 businesses. However, …

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What You Need to Know to Stay Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Law containing hundreds of pages of articles clarifying the data rights of the companies operating in the EU and their users/customers. This blog is going to give you a clear idea about GDPR. Undoubtedly GDPR law is the strictest rule in the EU. It is so standard that even after ‘Brexit,’ the …

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A Guide to Workplace First Aid

Aug 6,20

All workplaces present different kinds of hazards for their workers. A Workplace where workers are not exposed to the dangers of causing serious injuries or illnesses is considered a low-risk workplace. On the other hand, workplaces that put workers at a specific level of danger are called high-risk workplace. In all workplaces, there is a need and certain measures are …

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Food Hygiene: Tips to Achieve the 5 Star Rating You Need

What thing do you look for when buying a product or a service from a company or seller? The reviews and ratings of them, right? And when it comes to food consumption, you’re likely to be more strict about the rating, so are other people. Generally, when we intend to go to a restaurant, we look for people’s feedback and …

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A Complete Guide to Construction Management

Construction management is not a new concept. Though not in specific terms, it had existed since the very beginning of civilization. There was always someone who performed the duty of managing the things behind every construction project. And, today we call it construction management. It is one of the most lucrative industries in these days as the demand for competent …

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