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At Training Express, we deal with a wide range of health and safety topics. These training encompasses on trending and universal subjects, especially compliance certification requirements. Our primary focus is excellent compliance training on food hygiene, health & safety. In addition, we also cover safeguarding, first aid and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP).  Training Express blog is the awareness wing of Training Express. The blog section of Training Express aims at guiding you towards quality accredited certification. In short, you are taking your initial steps towards personal and workplace safety skills in the UK.

Recently, we introduced courses on personal development, business skills and management. Firstly, the purpose is to accommodate the requirements of our trainees. Secondly, we also introduced courses on health and social care. Hence, we want to exhibit our commitment to the health and wellbeing of children, and vulnerable adults. Moreover, all of our courses are designed with special attention to the guidelines of NHS and HSE.

Accredited compliance certification

Our aim is to guide you towards compliance training requirements and basic life skills. Our motto is Reliable Audio-visual Training. Here, the rationale behind our motto is to train the skilled workforce in the United Kingdom. In short, Training Express blog contributes to a safer and healthier nation.

Training Express Blog: Latest Posts

We featured the latest posts from the blog articles of Training Express on this page.

Compliance Training: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 18,20

What is Compliance Training? Compliance training is vital for any business, no matter what size they are. There are many rules and regulations that every company must comply with, and compliance training covers everything that one business might need to know to comply with legislation and avoid hefty fines or danger to life. Compliance will include the businesses legal obligations, …

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How to Do CPR – Step by Step Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Guidelines

Feb 17,20

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique useful in many emergencies, including a heart attack or near drowning, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.  The American Heart Association recommends that everyone — untrained bystanders and medical personnel alike — begin CPR with chest compression. We all know that something is better than nothing. It is far much true …

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The Importance Of Fire Safety In The Workplace

Feb 14,20

Fire safety in the workplace can be translated to ‘preventing chaos in a dangerous situation and saving lives’.  In the moment of a fire, you need order so that you can handle the chaos that it brings effectively. And that comes with planning and practice. Nobody wants to be responsible for a disastrous fire.  What this means is that appropriate diligence, …

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Why is Food Safety and Hygiene Important for Catering Businesses?

Feb 13,20

What is food safety and hygiene? How do you adhere to food safety legislation properly for your catering business? Is there a comprehensive way of learning about food hygiene and safety? If you have questions about food safety and hygiene, you’re not alone. We’ve created this guide to answer your most pressing questions. This piece will help you embrace and …

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Basic Food Hygiene Rules to Consider When Preparing Food

Feb 12,20

While food hygiene is not the legislation itself, a regular, disciplined and thorough food hygiene practice, along with knowledge of the basic food hygiene rules is necessary to comply with legislation for any catering business or employee.  To simplify matters, reliable food hygiene guidelines ensure that food is safe and catering businesses thrive while remaining compliant.  Basic food hygiene guidelines …

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Why is Food Hygiene Training Important?

Jan 13,20

The risks associated with food are high. You can experience the spread of bacteria, cross-contamination, allergic reactions and severe illness if you fail to handle food responsibly and hygienically. But there are also other lesser-known or secondary reasons why food hygiene training is important. And that’s to uphold a reputable, trustworthy business where customers can not only enjoy the food …

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New Year’s Resolutions for Food That You Really Love

Jan 1,20

Food is usually a frequent topic of conversation at the beginning of the year. Mostly because people often want to remedy the self-indulgence they may have participated in over Christmas, or because they need to develop a better relationship with food. In some cases that might be to lose weight, in others it can be to eat healthily, cook more …

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Brilliant Christmas Food Ideas

Dec 13,19

Put on your pinnies! We’ve got a few Christmas food ideas that anybody who is studying or interested in the Food Hygiene course is going to love. You might want to share it with your friends or keep it as your secret source of Christmas food ideas.   Food features a lot over the Christmas period, and while it’s usually fun …

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Food for thought catering hygiene 101

Dec 12,19

When it comes to working in the restaurant and food for the thought in the catering industry, an attentive team of staff is key. But whether you’re a restauranteur, hospitality manager, or hotel caterer, you’ll know that there’s more to a menu than beautifully presented meals and service with a smile. Here, we combine the idea of food for the …

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What is Food Safety And Why It is Important

Jun 14,19

The news media frequently comes up with stories- “Authorities have shut down a food processing plant or restaurant, stating it was contaminated by bacteria linked to the health hazards of several people, health officials said.” So, it’s no wonder what is Food Safety why food safety has become a constant concern all over the world and one of the most …

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