New Year’s Resolutions for Food That You Really Love

Food is usually a frequent topic of conversation at the beginning of the year. Mostly because people often want to remedy the self-indulgence they may have participated in over Christmas, or because they need to develop a better relationship with food. In some cases that might be to lose weight, in others it can be to eat healthily, cook more or enjoy some new culinary experiences. 

Either way, these New Year’s Resolutions for food will surely satisfy your senses.  


Lighten Up On Your Diet

If you are an eternal dieter, it might be worth considering taking a break from dieting.

We don’t mean that you should eat everything bad. But it doesn’t hurt to indulge occasionally, in moderation. Do things like allowing yourself dessert once in a while, or if you like something tasty like butter or cream, allow yourself these foods but keep them under control. 

Food should be enjoyed, and you might just find a new way of eating that supports your weight management and gives you occasional joy. 


Invest More In Home-Cooked Meals

We don’t mean merely picking out a recipe and cooking at home every night after a long days work. But we do suggest taking the time to enjoy cooking, getting the right utensils, trying different types of cooking such as one-pot cooking, meal preparation, a keto diet or work on mastering one enjoyable meal each month. 

Whatever you attempt to do, it should enhance the joy in your life, and help you reach some of your bigger goals such as gaining more time, losing weight, or exploring different things in life.  


Learn How To Protect Your Liver

According to The Medical Medium, our liver is an unspoken hero. It even learns your food, drinking and bad habits and then saves nutrients, energy, and whatever else it needs to help you recover from any overindulging. 

The thing is though we don’t give our liver much support and as we get older, we develop many health issues because our liver is overloaded with a culmination of debris from the past. 

If you spent a year learning how to understand, cleanse and protect your liver, you probably add years onto your life. The book ‘Liver Rescue’ by Anthony William will assist you greatly in this mission and to avoid any unnecessary toxins check out our food hygiene and safety course.  


Stay Responsible Even With A Hangover

Staying on a similar theme to the liver, if you do overindulge in a few drinks and need to feed your hangover,  learn how to feed it with the right kind of food that will restore your liver and health quicker. 

Foods like bananas, salmon, and healthy smoothies will get you back on track in no time at all, and you’ll be helping that liver out too!  


Streamline Your Grocery Shopping

An interesting new year’s resolution is to challenge yourself to find ways to find the healthiest, best tasting foods. Or even focus on how you can reduce your shopping bill while still eating healthily and enjoying your food. 

You could also challenge yourself to save the time you spend on shopping. If you make this into a challenge, it will turn into a fun and rewarding experience both in terms of accomplishment and in taste, or saving money.  


Get Cocktail Savvy

Learn how to make some tasty cocktails for different occasions. 

For example, a Christmas cocktail, diet cocktail, or a party cocktail. 

Have some fun matching up cocktails to different meals. Think about learning a new cocktail every month and by the end of the year, you’ll have mastered the art of making 12 cocktails and had some great fun in the process.  


Quit Sugar

Spend the year focusing on quitting sugar. 

Instead of going cold turkey though – we know that’s hard! Learn strategies for isolating the ways that sugar makes it into your life and tackle each issue one by one so that by the end of the year, you are sugar-free. 

This strategic approach ensures that you don’t give up giving up sugar too quickly! And that you’ve given your body and taste buds time to adjust.


Switch Out Your Fried Food

If fries or fried food is your downfall, maybe you should make your New Year’s resolution to buy an air fryer and then take time to master cooking with it. Try out different ways to create replicas of your favourite fried foods, and learn how to develop new meals you will love.  


New Year’s resolutions related to food don’t have to be tedious or limiting; there are ways to create challenges, educate yourself and taste new things without feeling as though you are missing out.

May 4, 2020

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