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communication skills

Work Smarter, Not Harder : The Time Management Tips to Change Your Life

Even if you have a long to-do list every day, you can manage yourself better with some time management tips. Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing your perspective towards life. Learn to prioritize your task and manage everything in a smarter way, not spending more valuable time. In this short piece, we’ll talk about SMART goals, overcoming procrastination and meeting …

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10 Proven Ways To Develop Influencing Skills For Successful Leadership

Apr 16,20

In this modern age, the hierarchies and layers in the corporate world are diminishing. So, developing personal effectiveness and influencing skills in the workplace has become more important than ever before. You may be a team leader or a manager and you want the people around you to do their works as your wish. But it doesn’t always work like …

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Communication Skills: The Pathfinder of Your Career

Mar 6,20

How vital is communication in our life? Every single day of your life, you need to talk to people, give presentations, write emails and communicate with all sorts of people. It is a vital skill for the job seekers but even more for success in life. In this article, you will learn more about the communication skills required at your …

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