5 Best Way to Clean Outside Windows from Inside

Do your windows look grimy with dust? Is the filth obstructing your view and blocking out the sunlight? Do you want to go on a cleaning spree but do not know how to clean windows? Read on to find out the best way to clean outside windows. Whether you live in a five-storey flat building or have your own two-storey condo, cleaning the windows is necessary. Consequently, you can enjoy the warmth of longer days and a lush view of the outside through your streak-free and squeaky clean windows.

What do you need to have for the best way to clean outside windows?

What Do You Need to Have for The Best Way to Clean Outside Windows?

Experts say you need to wash and clean the windows of your house twice a year. But this DIY chore can be pretty exhausting if not done in the right way. Most homeowners do not use the proper cleaning tools or techniques. Safe to say, wadded up paper towels, spray cleaners and elbow grease aren’t the best ways to clean your windows

Moreover, you end up spending more time, and your windows get streaked and accumulate more dirt due to the produced friction. Hence, even the most experienced cleaner could benefit from a Cleaning Diploma Course on the best way to clean outside windows. 

The equipments and materials you need to clean windows:

  • Broom
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid 
  • White Vinegar
  • Squeegee
  • Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Mop & a bucket
  • Extended Wiper
  • Telescopic pole
  • Strip washer
  • Water fed poles
  • Ladder
  • Lint cloth
  • Rubber gloves

All the equipment are inexpensive and will last you many years. However, you may not need to get all of it at once. Cleaning tools depend on your abode type. For instance, if you live in a flat building, getting a ladder and water fed poles might be unnecessary. But, you will find it helpful to have an extended wiper or magnetic window cleaner.

5 Best Way to Clean Outside Windows from Inside!

Dirt and stains are more common on outside walls. Fill a bucket with clean, cold water. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap. And then, rinse the windows with the hose. Now, follow these five simple steps to clean outside windows from inside.

1. Grab a mop for sparkling glass!

step 1 cleaning tips

Washing exterior windows are simple with a regular mop. Moreover, a simple mop can spare you minutes of research on the best way to clean outside windows from inside.

In a small bucket, combine one part water and one part vinegar. Next,  attach a clean microfiber cloth or mop head to the mop handle after dipping it in the solution. Use the mop to clean the exterior windows. Proceed to the next stage until the majority of the crud has been removed.

Wipe the glass with a clean microfiber cloth or a streak-free window cleaner.

Consequently, allow for the drying of the window. For a streak-free shine, wipe the dried glass with newspaper. However, you can skip this move if your hands don’t hit the window.

Do not ever climb out the window-ledge to clean the outside windows. It puts your life in serious jeopardy.

2. Use A Squeegee

window wash

If your window is only accessible by ladder, the most important consideration is safety. A window squeegee is one of the methods for cleaning glass windows from the outside. Moreover, an extendable window squeegee can be extended to several meters. Also, it allows you to clean high windows from ground level without having to climb a ladder. 

It would be best if you stood at a height from which you can easily clean your windows. A window squeegee has an advanced microfiber. Besides, it has a high-quality squeegee. To clear the dirt from your walls, dampen the pad. After that, clean the windows with the side with a flat, smooth rubber brush.

3. Magnetic Window Cleaner

window cleaner

Cleaning outside windows that refuse to unlatch can be challenging for flat dwellers. Also, it is unsafe to clean hard-to-reach windows by balancing dangerously on a window ledge. A magnetic window cleaner is a fantastic tool for quickly and safely removing grime and debris from your windows. In fact, it is a clever cleaning device. 

The magnetic cleaner can scour the sides of the window, which might be inaccessible with other tools. Accordingly, it even cleans all sides of your window at once, making it faster than a squeegee. A magnetic window cleaner wipes away the liquid cleaning fluid with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Nonetheless, it is essential to use it gently. Moving it around too quickly will cause the magnets to become disconnected when cleaning. So, it could be a little tricky to use at first, but you will get the hang of it!

4. Use a U-shaped Telescopic Pole


window cleaning tips 2021

A U-shaped telescopic pole may be used to clean exterior windows from inside your house. The set usually comes with a squeegee, circular sponge, cleaning cloths and two cleaning attachments.  

On the sliding glass, the handle stretches and fits best. Likewise, it gets rid of the majority of the dirt that has built up on double-hung windows. Place a  plastic drop cloth near the window sill and the floor underneath the window before starting cleaning. 

Remember to clean the window tracks as well. Next, wipe away any remaining dust, dirt, or icky dead bugs with a damp microfiber rag. Consequently, make sure you use a dry rag to cover the circular sponge. Always dry brush the windows. Thus, by removing some dirt in this manner first, you will avoid the muddy mess that a spray cleaner can cause later.

Apply multiple coats of window cleaner. It can slice through icky crud and grease much faster than vinegar and water. Furthermore, window cleaner dries to a streak-free shine.

Clean rags can be slipped over the circular sponge to wipe the cleaner from the windows.

5. Remove Your Sliding Windows

washing window side

Only detachable windows will work with this process. If your window panes are removable, however, it could be one of the easiest ways to clean windows. Because dirt can be removed from hard-to-reach crevices that would otherwise be inaccessible.

For the most part, sliding windows are designed to be detached for cleaning purposes, and it’s a simple three-step operation.

  • Unlock the window and slide it halfway open; otherwise, you won’t be able to lift it out of its current position. If the window doesn’t budge, don’t push it; something could be blocking the way.
  • Next check for screws, as your sliding windows can be tightly fastened in place; if this is the case, loosen them with a screwdriver.
  • Finally, lift the panel out of the way with both hands, careful not to break the glass in the process. If the panel is incredibly high, enlist assistance.

It might be the best way to clean outside windows from inside. However, be cautious when removing the windows. You don’t want to smash the window by dropping it, and you don’t want to cut yourself in the process. If the windows are too heavy, take the help of your neighbour or call your friend! Try not to be a hero and hurt yourself in an accident.

Quick Pro Tips

window washing tips

Clean your windows the fastest way with these few quick pro-tips.

  • Rinse the window screen with plain water. Next, spray the screen with a vinegar-water solution before rinsing again. Before removing the screens on the windows, allow them to dry completely.
  • Use a fine white nylon scrub pad to remove tree pitch or bug droppings. Subsequently,  make sure you’re not scratching the glass. Wet it first with a vinegar and water solution and then rub it in.
  • Use a lint-free towel or newspapers to dry the windows.
  • Soak adhesive residue from labels or tape with a speciality product to loosen it. Consequently, use a razor blade to shave off the excess products or residue.
  • For a DIY window cleaner, mix 1/2 cup ammonia with a gallon of water to help remove greasy dirt. Also, use this glass cleaning solution for tough spots.
  • Mineral deposits may often stain windows, particularly in areas with hard water. Nonetheless, there are many methods for cleaning windows with mineral deposits. A commercial cleaner might be your best choice.
  • A razor blade fixed in a holder can be used to remove paint specks and marks. To stop scratching the glass, always use a new blade.
  • At last, never use a razor on tempered glass.


The unsightly appearance of dirty windows could put off anyone visiting your home. Moreover, dirty and grimy windows can have a psychological effect on your health as well. When the sun doesn’t hit the right spot on gloomy winter days, nothing feels right.

Do a bit of research on the cleaning equipment and choose the ones best suited for your house. Remember to work on a wet, cloudy day. The weather will prevent the soapy water and window-cleaning solution from drying on your walls. 

Start a professional career in the cleaning business!
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Start a professional career in the cleaning business!
***7 Courses Bundle | Free PDF Certificates | Unlimited Free Retake Exam***
July 9, 2021

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