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At Training Express, we deal with a wide range of health and safety topics. These training encompasses on trending and universal subjects, especially compliance certification requirements. Our primary focus is excellent compliance training on food hygiene, health & safety. In addition, we also cover safeguarding, first aid and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP).  Training Express blog is the awareness wing of Training Express. The blog section of Training Express aims at guiding you towards quality accredited certification. In short, you are taking your initial steps towards personal and workplace safety skills in the UK.

Recently, we introduced courses on personal development, business skills and management. Firstly, the purpose is to accommodate the requirements of our trainees. Secondly, we also introduced courses on health and social care. Hence, we want to exhibit our commitment to the health and wellbeing of children, and vulnerable adults. Moreover, all of our courses are designed with special attention to the guidelines of NHS and HSE.

Accredited compliance certification

Our aim is to guide you towards compliance training requirements and basic life skills. Our motto is Reliable Audio-visual Training. Here, the rationale behind our motto is to train the skilled workforce in the United Kingdom. In short, Training Express blog contributes to a safer and healthier nation.

Training Express Blog: Latest Posts

We featured the latest posts from the blog articles of Training Express on this page.

Keto Diet For Beginners: Ultimate Guide To Getting Started

Look back to the moment while you were gossiping with your colleagues in the lunch break at your office or hanging out with your friends in a restaurant and you were talking about starting a diet to lose your weight. There must be someone who told you to start the Keto Diet, right? If you’re planning on losing weight and …

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Basic Personal Hygiene Habits To Practice In Daily Life

Believe it or not, your surroundings are covered with millions of germs, viruses, and parasites. Your body can be a living and breeding space for these microbes to grow and multiply. Did you know, microbial diseases kill over 17 million people every year? And around 50,000 are dying every day from infectious diseases? Yet, some simple conscious hacks and a …

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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher in an Emergency Situation?

Within 20 to 30 seconds, a fire could be out of control in front of you. Fire can spread, doubling up its size in seconds and not give you much time to escape. The quick fire-filled area contains heat and thick toxic smoke. In an instantaneous situation, you have to confront a fire with the right fire extinguisher for the …

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Safety Basics of Manual Handling for Staying Safe at Workplace

Manual handling injuries are very common in many professions. Employers lose thousands of working hours and incur a heavy loss due to workplace injuries and illnesses. Do you know that you have responsibilities as an employer or employee regarding manual handling safety at your workplace? Yes, we covered manual handling safety basics in this blog and added downloadable resources. In …

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Comprehensive Fire Safety Guidelines for Everyone

Have you ever wondered why fire drills take place in your office or school? It’s because of the fire safety regulations in the UK. The employers need to ensure the safety of the employees in the business premises. However, fire safety precautions are mandatory for all. In this article, we tried to compile comprehensive fire safety guidelines for everyone. If …

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Work Smarter, Not Harder : The Time Management Tips to Change Your Life

Even if you have a long to-do list every day, you can manage yourself better with some time management tips. Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing your perspective towards life. Learn to prioritize your task and manage everything in a smarter way, not spending more valuable time. In this short piece, we’ll talk about SMART goals, overcoming procrastination and meeting …

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Top 10 Supervisory Skills of a Good Supervisor

Let’s talk about your role in your workplace. You might be in a managing role where you have to direct and lead a team and bring together different parts of your organization in a harmony- taking the leadership role. You can be said a supervisor in your workplace who is responsible for the works of others around you. Have you …

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10 Proven Ways To Develop Influencing Skills For Successful Leadership

Apr 16,20by Bradley Baldwin

In this modern age, the hierarchies and layers in the corporate world are diminishing. So, developing personal effectiveness and influencing skills in the workplace has become more important than ever before. You may be a team leader or a manager and you want the people around you to do their works as your wish. But it doesn’t always work like …

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First Aid and Paediatric First Aid During Epidemics and Pandemics

The healthcare systems can go under immense pressure due to the gigantic number of epidemic and pandemic patients at any point of time. Besides, people are forced to stay home to prevent the rapid transmission of epidemic and pandemic diseases. How does first aid matter in such a tense condition?Let’s explore the significance of basic first aid or paediatric first …

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Asbestos Awareness: Things You Should Know to Stay Safe

Ever heard of asbestosis or mesothelioma? Asbestos is a serious threat to many people who are involved in the maintenance and repairing jobs of old buildings. Although asbestos exposure does not have an immediate impact on your health, asbestos fibres can lead to fatal medical complications. In this article, you can start your journey of asbestos awareness. Also, you will …

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