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At Training Express, we deal with a wide range of health and safety topics. These training encompasses on trending and universal subjects, especially compliance certification requirements. Our primary focus is excellent compliance training on food hygiene, health & safety. In addition, we also cover safeguarding, first aid and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP).  Training Express blog is the awareness wing of Training Express. The blog section of Training Express aims at guiding you towards quality accredited certification. In short, you are taking your initial steps towards personal and workplace safety skills in the UK.

Recently, we introduced courses on personal development, business skills and management. Firstly, the purpose is to accommodate the requirements of our trainees. Secondly, we also introduced courses on health and social care. Hence, we want to exhibit our commitment to the health and wellbeing of children, and vulnerable adults. Moreover, all of our courses are designed with special attention to the guidelines of NHS and HSE.

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Our aim is to guide you towards compliance training requirements and basic life skills. Our motto is Reliable Audio-visual Training. Here, the rationale behind our motto is to train the skilled workforce in the United Kingdom. In short, Training Express blog contributes to a safer and healthier nation.

Training Express Blog: Latest Posts

We featured the latest posts from the blog articles of Training Express on this page.

Food Temperature Danger Zone: The Complete Food Safety Guide

Apr 10,22by Jessica Webster

When food stays out at room temperature for too long, the quality and freshness get ruined. Maintaining food temperature to keep it outside the food temperature danger zone is important for many reasons. And it is quite simple to do with just a bit of knowledge. Eating food kept safe from the food temperature danger zone is necessary. It saves …

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Paediatric First Aid: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Mar 4,22by Daniel Ersh

Children are more susceptible to injury in their growing age as they are curious to figure out everything on their own. Thus, having basic knowledge of paediatric first aid for the wellness of the child and infant is crucial. When someone is injured, receiving immediate treatment or assistance is crucial. And that is the fundamental concept of paediatric first aid. …

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Essential First Aid Kit at Workplace: You Need to know

Dec 31,21by Ava Metcalfe

Accidents can occur at any workplace, no matter how secure and safe it may seem. That is why every workplace must have apt provisions for first aid facilities. Keeping a first aid kit at workplace can save lives and prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones.  This article will discuss what is first aid and the reasons behind keeping a …

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15 House Cleaning Tips for a More Hygienic Home

Nov 29,21by Ava Metcalfe

They say home is where the heart is. And if your house is not clean, your mind and body won’t stay healthy. And this pandemic has taught us the importance of maintaining proper hygiene more than ever. So, knowing the right house cleaning tips is essential to protect the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Knowing a few …

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Vegetarian Diet: What You Can Eat as a Vegetarian?

Nov 16,21by Ava Metcalfe

In recent years, vegetarian diets have become increasingly popular. Studies have found plenty of health benefits that are directly linked with vegetarianism. However, you have to know which food to pick to get your daily required nutrients. A high proportion of your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eating a vegetarian diet is a healthier lifestyle choice. While you …

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How to Manage Anger and Conflict?

Nov 3,21by Daniel Ersh

Do you find yourself getting angry often? Or do you avoid conflict like the plague? If your answer to both or any of these two is yes, then this blog is for you. However, before knowing how to manage anger and conflict, we need to figure out where this anger is coming from. Table of Contents Understand Where The Anger …

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25 CBT Techniques and Worksheets for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Nov 2,21by Daniel Ersh

Cognitive behavioural therapy, often called CBT techniques, is a form of psychological treatment. It is a widely acclaimed talk therapy. CBT techniques can help you solve the challenges that you face regarding mental health. It also helps you control and overcome negative thinking. In this blog, you will get an in-depth understanding of 25 CBT techniques and worksheets. In addition, …

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10 Personal Hygiene Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

Oct 21,21by Daniel Ersh

Your children learn how to survive in this world during their growth and development stage. So, understanding the concept of personal hygiene for kids is crucial. However, teaching your kids all of these can be a continuous and challenging process.  To make parenting a little easier, read these 10 personal hygiene habits that you should teach your kids. These hygiene …

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Aggressive Child Behavior Psychology: Causes & Ways To Deal

Oct 18,21by Daniel Ersh

Children do and say all sorts of cute things that warm our hearts. But, sometimes their constant wailing and tantrums drive us crazy.  Children tend to lash out sometimes, as they are yet to master the practice of self-control. They often lack the communication skills to express themselves peacefully.  Altogether, this issue is labelled as aggressive child behavior psychology in …

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How to Become a Paralegal in the UK – Everything You Need to Know

Sep 30,21by Andy crossley

Wondering how to become a paralegal? With an increasing demand for paralegals, it’s a very common question nowadays. However, with a basic understanding of paralegal requirements, you will be well-prepared to pursue a career in this field. Table of Contents What is a Paralegal? According to the Institute of Paralegals in the United Kingdom-  “A paralegal is a non-lawyer who …

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