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Food Fygiene

Starting a Food Business: An Ultimate Guide for Startups

Food Business isn’t a new concept. It is one of the oldest businesses in the world. Nowadays, the food business …Read More

Profile PhotoBrandon PrestonMarch 3, 2020

Why is Food Safety and Hygiene Important for Catering Businesses?

What is food safety and hygiene? How do you begin to adhere to food safety legislation correctly? Is there a …Read More

Profile PhotoMike NoahFebruary 13, 2020

Food for thought Catering Hygiene 101

  Food handling must be done with meticulous care, from preparing fresh ingredients to the very basics of health and …Read More

Profile PhotoTilly EvansDecember 12, 2019

What is Food Safety And Why It is Important?

The news media frequently comes up with stories- “Authorities have shut down a food processing plant or restaurant, stating it …Read More

Profile PhotoThomas BenjaminJune 14, 2019

How to Design a Commercial Kitchen

There is a heap of factors that runs into creating a successful catering business. No matter what kind of catering …Read More

Profile PhotoRob KirstenMay 10, 2019

The Impact of Brexit over Small Food Businesses

Amid all the uncertainties surrounding Britain’s fate over Brexit, it’s time for the small food business industry to ponder over. …Read More

Profile PhotoRob KirstenMay 7, 2019

Getting to Grips with the Food Safety Act

At the Training Express, we look to inspire anyone who is ready to make the most of their professional qualities. …Read More

Profile PhotoAnna PerkinsMarch 16, 2019