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Social Media for Business

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The social media for business course is an introductory course for learners of all levels, designed to provide business owners and marketing professionals with an in-depth understanding of how to utilise key digital platforms to drive business success.

Did you know that there are approximately 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, while over 90% of millennials use social media on a daily basis. Knowing how to utilise this powerful digital tool is the key to success in modern-day business, and this expert training course will show you how to make use of three leading platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Through step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to set up a business page on each platform successfully, build your professional network on LinkedIn, drive website to your blog, create compelling posts that turn clicks into conversions, and much more.

  • Accredited, quality CPD training
  • Instant e-certificate and hard copy dispatch by next working day
  • Fully online, interactive course with audio voiceover
  • Course material developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning accessible via laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • 24/7 Learning assistance and tutor support
  • Discounts on bulk purchases

Sneak Peek

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Who should take the course

This comprehensive training course is a must for anyone looking to develop the skills to successfully market their product or service online. This includes: 

  • Small business owners
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Social Media Assistants
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Copywriters

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the different types of social media platforms
  • Understand why social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools
  • Successfully set up a professional Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business page
  • Create engaging posts that appeal to the business’s target audience
  • Use links effectively and utilise social media tools to drive traffic to their website/blog
  • Implement the techniques learned in this course to build a solid follower base


Once you’ve successfully completed your course, you will immediately be sent a digital certificate. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post (shipping cost £3.99). All of our courses are fully accredited, providing you with up-to-date skills and knowledge and helping you to become more competent and effective in your chosen field. Our certifications have no expiry dates, although we do recommend that you renew them every 12 months.

Course Curriculum

In module one, we will take a look at the topics that will be explored in this course and how the course is structured.

In module two, we will deepen our understanding of social media as a marketing tool for business and why it is so important in today’s digital landscape.

In module three, we will be introduced to the POST method for creating a successful social media strategy that is crucial for driving likes and followers.

In module four, we will learn how to utilise social media tools to drive traffic to business websites and microsites. We will also explore techniques for optimising web pages and micro web pages.

In module five, we will receive step-by-step guidance on how to navigate Facebook for business and set up a professional Facebook page.

In module six, we will explore the workings and usage of LinkedIn and why it is so important for building a professional network. We will also learn how to set up a LinkedIn business page.

In module seven, we will master essential Twitter for business techniques that every digital marketer and business owner should know.

In module eight, we will learn how to promote a blog on social media and drive clicks to blog pages through the use of links and engaging posts.

In module nine, we will explore some social media video tips and strategies that are used in successful branding and marketing.

In module ten, we will look back at the lessons we have learned through the key topics covered in this course, and the skills we have gained along the way.

In module eleven, we will deepen our understanding of the benefits as well as negatives of social media, from a business perspective. We will also explore how social media has changed the digital landscape.

Course Curriculum

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