How To Become An Electrician Without Apprenticeship?

Electricians are in huge demand all over the United Kingdom. Their demand curve is drastically increasing every year, and this profession has 0 or meagre unemployment rates. This article would give you a clear understanding of how to become an electrician without apprenticeship.  It will help you also develop a solid knowledge about the job structure and pay scales.

Even though this blog mainly talks about how to become an electrician without apprenticeship. But, you will get an obvious idea of this profession, its challenges and the benefits associated while reading it.

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Why You Should Become An Electrician In The UK

In April 2019, a labour market report was published where it was mentioned that the UK has a scarcity of qualified electricians. The report also says that this scarcity will continue till past 2022. Therefore, it indicates that the UK needs qualified electricians!


Apart from their increasing demand, electricians are also the highest-paid trade workers in the UK. 

There are many perks of being a self-employed electrician. You would be your boss, and you would have the flexibility to choose work as they come and wouldn’t have a manager on top of your head 24/7!

Being self-employed also means that you don’t have to get taxed on your income when every pay cheque comes in. Even though you will need to pay tax if you earn more than £12750 a year.

Also, you can claim a large amount of money for allowance and business-related expenses from the government online. Work clothes, employee dividends, depreciation costs for types of machinery, travel allowances are among the few expenses that can be claimed. Your local accountant would be able to assist you with that. 

If you aren’t fully convinced of why should you become an electrician yet, read how much an electrician makes.

How Much Does An Electrician Make?

A trade salary survey (2020) indicates that electricians made £33,495 in the year 2020. 

It is an average figure for electricians who were employed by companies. The figures remained steady throughout these years, they have remained the highest-paid trade workers all over the UK. 

However, if an electrician is self-employed and does contractual jobs, the figures can either rise or fall.  It depends on their client base and the size of their business.

As an average electrician you can charge a minimum of £400 for one particular job, which might even take less than 15-30 minutes to complete. 

But, experienced self-employed electricians earn a lump sum of money annually. It ranges from £40000 to £80000 a year, depending on their popularity and the area. For example, if the task is in London or Southeastern suburbs, the prices of an electrician charges would be a lot higher than in other areas. 

The amount of money an electrician makes after 1-3 days of hard work, people earn that money by working long hours in corporate offices, retail stores or warehouses, slaving their day.

How To Become An Electrician Without Apprenticeship?

Are you an aspiring electrician who is having difficulties finding an apprenticeship? 

Are you someone who wants to explore their options on how to become an electrician without apprenticeship

If yes, then this article is especially for you.

Apprenticeship means that you will need to work under another licensed electrician for an extended period to get professional work experience. That can be around 4 to 5 years. After your apprenticeship ends, you will get a licence to practice as an electrician.  You have to do your best to please your employer and a shallow pay scale during this time. Some employers would just pay you even £3-4 an hour. 

Electric circuit board

Some employees have a terrible reputation of mistreating these new electricians who work under them during their apprenticeship. Apart from paying them significantly less, they would give them extra workload. The apprentices usually don’t get any employee benefits. Because they know that these people need them. And if they leave the job, they will have issues getting their license to practice. 

Due to these harsh realities, most aspiring electricians don’t prefer the apprenticeship option. And they look for other ways to become an electrician.

Therefore, most of them are in the dilemma of working as an electrician with or without an apprenticeship. They are sceptical of what steps to take and how to become an electrician without apprenticeship.

To help resolve this dilemma, here are a few ways on how to become an electrician without apprenticeship in the UK. 

1. Become Qualified

This is the very first step to become an electrician. You need to be 

  • a high school graduate
  • at least 18 years of age

Then you need to get a degree or professional certification from a trade school or a vocational college. To get a professional certification, you can enrol in any electrician courses, such as the Practical Household Electrician Course.

This course is fully accredited by the governing bodies. And it will teach you A-Z of all the theories and techniques required for this profession. The studies also involve assignments as practical tests. These will help brush up your practical and industry-related theoretical skills.

2. Get Professional Training

It might sound quite similar to an apprenticeship. But training schools provide intensive hands-on training on all aspects of your profession. 

You have to pay them a certain amount of money to complete the training and get the professional certificate. But several benefits are also attached.

First of all, there would be no boss. Your mentors would train you with adequate training supplies and intensive professional knowledge. These mentors would be highly experienced in the field. So, you can ask them whatever question you have without any hesitation.

Secondly, time is flexible. So you can apply for a leave or time off easily, which is way harder to get when working under an apprentice.

Lastly, you would be able to complete your training in a much lesser amount of time. Time duration ranges from 6 weeks to 2 years, depending on the programs you choose to get trained on.

It means that you do not have to work full-time hours. It will give you added flexibility to get another casual, high paying job to run your expenses. 

Therefore, with professional certification and training, you can become an electrician without apprenticeship. Depending on your interest level, you can master your skills even more in a specific area. For instance, an auto electrician, building electrician and so on.

Practical Household Electricity Course
Develop basic electrician skills with practical and tactical knowledge of know-hows of key strategies, concepts and techniques of household electrical works
Practical Household Electricity Course
Develop basic electrician skills with practical and tactical knowledge of know-hows of key strategies, concepts and techniques of household electrical works

How To Become An Auto Electrician?

So far, I think I have answered how to become an electrician in the UK. The process of becoming an electrician is more or less the same for any specialisation you choose. One of the most demanding and high paying electrician jobs is as an auto electrician. 

Let’s discuss this profession and how to become an auto electrician in the UK.

Auto electricians are experts in working with motor vehicles. They work with immobilisers, alarms, auto ignitions, reverse camera, LED lighting, etc. 

Some of their day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Repair or replace a faulty electrical part.
  • Use manufacturers’ circuit diagrams to analyse electrical parts used and research faults.
  • Road test a vehicle to check if it’s working correctly.
  • Check readings from the vehicles electrical control unit.
  • Fixing dashboard errors.

To become an auto electrician, you need to have a set of soft skills like communication, problem-solving, time management, etc. 

To start your career as an auto electrician, get a professional certification on either of these: 

  • A level 1 diploma in motor vehicle maintenance
  • A certificate in motor vehicles maintenance

To get professional hands-on experience, you can choose to take an apprenticeship. You can also choose to get professional training from a mentor. 

An auto electrician can work in a garage or even a workshop as either a Motor Vehicle Repair Technician or even an Auto Care Technician. 

The more experience you gain over the years, the more the wage rate, since practice makes a man perfect.  

Therefore, on average,  an auto electrician can make £400-500 a week initially. But after getting more skilled in the job, this can rise to £600-800 a week. 

how hard is becoming an electrician (2)

Challenges: How Hard It Is To Become An Electrician?

Every occupation has its pros and cons attached. One of the significant challenges as an electrician is the level of dangerousness in doing electrical work. Electricians are exposed to open wires and cables. They have to also stand for long hours and climb up tall ladders. These duties expose to body-related injuries such as trips and falls, burns, electric shocks, and many more. 

Moreover, the level of these injuries ranges from very mild to extremely severe. Electricians have to deal with two types of issues while working:

  • Fixing an electrical problem and
  • The external safety factors that would affect their ability to reinstate the problem.

The external safety issues can be hazardous at times. One of the most challenging issues is they might need to touch open wires where electricity is still flowing. It can lead to fatal results and big electric shocks. 

Therefore, they need to keep in mind that it is likely to face any challenges at work. This mindset that they need to prepare for their career can put a strain on their mental health. Especially when they see a fellow electrician suffering from health issues caused while working. 

One might question himself for this career pathway in the first place, considering how hard it is to become an electrician. 

On top of all these, it is pretty challenging to find a suitable apprenticeship. It will take you around 4/ 5 years to finish the hours necessary to complete the apprenticeship and get the certificate. 

This whole process can be very draining for an individual. It might take away a fair bit of time from your growing years as a professional. So young professionals look for more ways on how to become an electrician without an apprenticeship.


Every profession has its own set of pros and cons. Without challenges and hardships, nothing can outshine that much in front of the worlds. 

Also, these challenges are faced mainly by young professionals in both white-collar job and blue-collar job. But, after you gain experience and become a master in what you do, the demand curve will start rising rapidly.

The challenges and the benefits of an electrician go hand in hand. Therefore, it entirely depends on you and your life goals – whether to choose this as an occupation. Work harder to become a very skilled and successful electrician in the future.

Practical Household Electricity Course
Develop basic electrician skills with practical and tactical knowledge of know-hows of key strategies, concepts and techniques of household electrical works
Practical Household Electricity Course
Develop basic electrician skills with practical and tactical knowledge of know-hows of key strategies, concepts and techniques of household electrical works
June 15, 2021

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