• Risk Management in Health & Social Care
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    This health and social care risk management training course is designed to provide aspiring professionals with the tools and knowledge to protect employees and patients, gain the skills to identify risks and hazards in the workplace, and implement effective control measures to ensure a healthy environment for all.

    Throughout the course, you will be introduced to case studies and practical exercises that will help to deepen your understanding of the health care system and the NHS framework. It offers practical training on how to conduct a risk assessment, as well as how to protect patient confidentiality when sharing information.

    By the end of the course, you will have an excellent understanding of risk protection in the health and social care sector, with the specialist skills and knowledge to fast track your career in this field.

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    Sneak Peek

    Who should take the course

    This course is ideal for aspiring health and social care professionals who wish to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to fast track their career. This includes:

    • Adult Social Workers
    • Child Support Workers
    • Healthcare Assistants
    • Mental Health Nurses

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

    • Understand their career opportunities in the health & social care sector
    • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the UK health system & the NHS
    • Conduct a thorough health and social care risk assessment
    • Identify the fundamental aspects of quality health & social care
    • Maintain confidentiality when sharing patient information


    Once you’ve successfully completed your course, you will immediately be sent a digital certificate. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post (shipping cost £3.99). All of our courses are fully accredited, providing you with up-to-date skills and knowledge and helping you to become more competent and effective in your chosen field. Our certifications have no expiry dates, although we do recommend that you renew them every 12 months.

    Course Curriculum

    In module one, we will learn the fundamental differences between health and social care, as well as explore career opportunities in the health & social care sector.

    In module two, we will take an in-depth look at the role of the National Health System (NHS) and the structure of the UK’s healthcare system.

    In module three, we will learn the different steps of conducting a risk assessment and the framework to support risk assessments in health & social care.

    In module four, we will explore the five fundamental aspects of quality health & social care and the habits that health & social care workers should avoid. 

    In module five, we will gain an insight into positive risk management within a community and the IAMR model.