Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering

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This Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering course is for those in a senior position of catering and responsible for a team (or teams) of people that handle, prepare and cook food. Each intensive training module covers all the steps needed to ensure that food is protected from all possible contamination and that the customer can enjoy your product without concerns about hygiene or preparation.

As a supervisor or manager of a catering company or establishment, you are directly responsible for the well-being of every customer that takes a bite of your food. In order to secure an excellent reputation and a 5-star national hygiene food rating, you will need to understand and abide by all the strict food and safety regulations that exist in the UK. Not only will it give you the confidence and credibility to grow the business, but it will also show that you are dedicated to customer safety.

By the end of the course, you’ll have full knowledge of all the UK food regulations, as well as an understanding of how to improve and maintain an excellent food management system. You’ll also know every type of food bacteria that exists and how to prevent it from causing food poisoning or wastage. Please note that if your job is limited directly to food handling, then a Level 2 Food and Hygiene Safety Course may be more appropriate.

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Who should take the course

This informative course is perfect for anybody associated directly with the food sector, such as:  

  • Senior food retailers
  • Restaurant and Café owners
  • Head Chefs & Kitchen Managers
  • Supervisory food handlers
  • Landlords and pub owners 
  • Supervisors or Managers of fast-food outlets and takeaways


Once you’ve successfully completed your course, you will immediately be sent a digital certificate. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post (shipping cost £3.99). All of our courses are fully accredited, providing you with up-to-date skills and knowledge and helping you to become more competent and effective in your chosen field. Our certifications have no expiry dates, although we do recommend that you renew them every 12 months.

Furthermore, this Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality ensuring quality content that teaches industry standards and best practices.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to show that they can:


At the end of the course, there will be an online assessment, which you will need to pass to complete the course. Answers are marked instantly and automatically, allowing you to know straight away whether you have passed. If you haven’t, there’s no limit on the number of times you can take the final exam. All this is included in the one-time fee you paid for the course itself.

Course Contents

This introductory module will draw your attention to the world of food safety. You’ll learn about the food-borne illnesses and its causes, the vulnerable risk groups, and the key terms which will help you to understand food safety and its importance.

This module will tell you everything that you need to know about the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor. Along with the in-depth knowledge of supervisory skills and styles, you’ll also learn about food safety cultures, standards, food safety policies, and quality assurance & control.

As the name suggests, this particular module is dedicated to giving you an overview of the key legislation, concerning authorities to enforce the law, code of practices, fines and prosecution, and due diligence.

The food safety management system, HACCP and its fundamental principles, detail discussion of the implementation of HACCP, and HACCP based food safety management system – these are the keynotes of this module 4.

The highlighted part of module 5 is a vivid discussion on the various food safety management tools. Along with this, learners will also get to know about the management responsibilities and the importance of documenting the food safety system.

In module 6, we’ll give you a tour of Microbiology. In this voyage, you will come across the detail of bacteria and factors responsible for its multiplication, moulds, yeasts, viruses, protozoa, and cyclospora.

From knowing the sources of contamination to understand the processes of detecting contamination – all will be discussed in module 7. You’ll also learn about various types of contamination hazards, vehicles of contamination, and cross-contamination.

This module will shed light on the control of different contamination hazards and the role of the supervisor in the prevention of contamination. Food storage, food preparation and cooking, and food service and delivery are some of the other key topics of this eighth module.

After a brief discussion on food poisoning, this module will draw your attention to the most common causes of food poisoning, food-borne illness, and food-borne viruses. Each of the topics will be discussed in detail.

In this module; you will learn about chemical food poisoning, metallic food poisoning, scombrotoxic fish poisoning, paralytic shellfish poisoning and diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, and the generic control measures for most food poisoning organisms.

This module will tell you about the high standards of personal hygiene, the relevant law and the role of the supervisor in personal hygiene. You’ll also learn about the hazards that come from food handlers.

This module will cover the wide area of food and temperature control. Some of the key topics from this module are safe temperatures, fridge & freezer temperature, cooking temperatures, and time without temperature control.

Module 13 will introduce you with the different equipment and process of measuring food temperature. You’ll also learn about when food temperature should be measured and the recording of temperature checks.

This module explains the common signs of food spoilage and prevention methods along with the different approaches to food preservation. Delivery and unloading of raw materials, wrapping and packaging, and stock rotation will also be discussed in this module.

The design, construction, and maintenance of food premises and equipment are essential for maintaining food safety. This module will tell how you can go with these factors to maintain the high standard of food safety.

Waste storage and the removal of waste, cleaning equipment, disinfection, and the procedures and methods of cleaning will be highlighted in this module. Learners will also familiarise with the in-houses and contract cleaning, and the role of the supervisor in cleaning.

The module will look at different types of pests, contamination caused by pests, and the standard control measures. A due-diligence defence and the role of the supervisor in pest control will also be discussed here.

This module will draw the curtain on the course by explaining the importance of training for maintaining the high standard of food safety. You’ll also learn about the training methods and the role of management in it.

In the final module  you will familiarize with all the new practices that have recently emerged to adapt to the new normal. You will learn in detail about the standard hygiene and safety practices needed to be followed to minimize the risk of contamination of COVID-19.

Course Curriculum

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    Clear concise presentation with relevant examples of a good level of food safety in catering.

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    Awesome lessons, well organised and simplified by the tutor. Highly recommended for anyone seeking hands-on knowledge on food safety in catering business.

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    Overall, a fantastic course! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to d more courses from you!

  4. Fantastic course!!


    I found it extremely comprehensive and well explained which helped me to understand the concepts in no time. Thank you so much

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    Course is very well organised, I felt the lessons are fun because of exciting explanations and clear examples…. plus teaching style is very straightforward and compelling. I really loved it!!!!!!!!

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    Outstanding!!! Course resources are honestly incomparable, it covers almost everything that one would need to maintain high standards in food safety. I would definitely recommended it to others.

  7. Thank you


    Extremely excellent course. Well illustrated and easy to comprehend. Highly recommended for anyone working in high level in the food industry.

  8. excellent course


    excellent course very informative

  9. Level 3 Supervising Food in Catering


    Very clear, in-depth presentation. Learnt a lot. Recommended a few people to this site and their courses.

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    Was a very useful, clear and informative course.

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    Completed this professional course in my free time and got a certificate. Hope this would help to get some career advancement.

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    Loved the course! The trainer was consistent in his fabulous teaching method.

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    Fair compared to the price.

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    Great knowledge on food safety and supervision. I took this course four months ago, finally did it with a professional certificate.

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    Great course! Just the instructor was a little bit fast.

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    The content was clear and concise. Within a few weeks I got a large amount of information on catering and food safety along with a professional looking certificate in hand.

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    Hi, this was my first course online. Great experience.

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